Please use our accessories to make the certificate of merit stand out.
Easy setting! The temporary detainment seat is attached. Beautiful section of angle 45by diamond cutting. Wall hanging parts for length and horizontal using are attached. Transparent nuts that can be set up in parallel to wall are attached. The standing parts with a cap for skid prevention are attached.
A thick acrylic frame has feeling of luxury because of chamfering.
You can set this for length and horizontal putting.
You can set on a wall by hanging parts and also set on a desk by standing parts.
A special box and assembly manual(Japanese) are attached to this commodity.

Size: A4 type = Width 260 * Height 347 * Thickness 8 / B5 type = Width 232 * Height 307 * Thickness 8 (mm)
Price: A4 Clear 2,480 * A4 Green 2,660 * A4 Smoke 2,940 / B5 Clear 1,880 * B5 Green 2,110 * B5 Smoke 2,390 (yen)
The material of this folder is paper. This folder is made up in Kyoto in Japan.
When you give the certificate of merit, this is the best commodity
This folder can store one A4 certificate of merit. We offer A4 size folder only.
There is strength and thickness in this folder.
You can use this for length and horizontal setting.

Size(opened): Width 465 * Height 317 * Thickness 2 (mm)
Price: Navy blue and Dark red 525(yen)