A special, Originality certificate of merit can be made, You only print the text on it.
This paper form corresponds to inkjet-printers and laser-printers.
you can fill out by the hand.
1 pack contains 10 piecies of certificate forms.
3 test forms of certification are attached to 1 packing.
We have two kinds of size of the from. (A4 size and B5 size)
We have two kinds of colors of the form. (white and cream color).
We receive replacement of title as a part of foil and change colors of the form.
We discount 10% if you order 50 packs or more. (save 20% at 100 packs)
We also receive the complete custom-made certificate of merit.
Please Click here to check line-up of certificate forms. (Japanese site)
Please inquire in detail by E-mail.
Please confirm the printing position and the size of the character with test printing paper which are attached to commodity when you print.
It is convenient for you to get some copy of the test printing paper before you use.
The quality of paper is different between test printing paper and the commodity.
This commodity is a little thicker than a usual paper. (as rawing paper)
Please confirm the setting of your printer carefully.
There are some differences in finish by the printer and the ink you use.